What height should wall sconces be mounted?

What height should wall sconces be mounted?

The height at which wall sconces should be mounted can vary depending on several factors, including the purpose of the sconces, the room's layout, and personal preferences. However, there are some general guidelines to consider when determining the mounting height for wall sconces:


1. Bedside Sconces in Bedrooms:

Bedside Sconces in Bedrooms and headboards
  • For sconces flanking the bed in bedrooms, a typical mounting height is around 60 to 65 inches above the floor. This height allows for comfortable illumination for reading or ambient lighting while sitting or lying in bed.


2. Bathroom Vanity Sconces:

Bathroom Vanity side mirror Sconces
  • When installing sconces next to a bathroom vanity mirror, mount them at eye level or slightly above eye level for optimal lighting during grooming tasks. This usually translates to a mounting height of 60 to 70 inches from the floor.


3. Hallway or Entryway Sconces:

Hallway or Entryway Sconces
  • In hallways, entryways, or other transitional spaces, mount sconces at a height that provides sufficient illumination without obstructing the pathway. A typical height range for these areas is around 66 to 72 inches above the floor.


4. Accent or Decorative Sconces:

Accent or Decorative Sconces:
  • For sconces used primarily for accent lighting or decorative purposes, the mounting height can vary based on the intended effect and the specific location. Consider the room's overall design and the desired visual impact when determining the height.


5. Consider Furniture and Obstructions:

liquor bar backlight
  • Take into account any furniture, fixtures, or obstructions near the intended sconce location. Ensure that the sconces are mounted at a height that allows for unobstructed light distribution and functionality.


6. Multiple Sconces and Symmetry:

Multiple Sconces and Symmetry
  • If installing multiple sconces in a row or in pairs, maintain consistency in the mounting height to achieve symmetry and visual balance. Measure and mark the mounting height for each sconce to ensure uniformity.


7. Personal Preference and Comfort:

ideal mounting height for wall sconces
  • Ultimately, the ideal mounting height for wall sconces may also depend on personal preference and comfort. Consider your own eye level and the intended use of the sconces when determining the mounting height.


It's important to note that these are general guidelines, and the actual mounting height may vary based on individual factors and specific room configurations. Consulting with a lighting professional or electrician can provide tailored recommendations and ensure that the sconces are installed at the appropriate height for optimal lighting and aesthetics.


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