How do you position sconces in a bedroom?

How do you position sconces in a bedroom?

Positioning sconces in a bedroom involves considering both practical lighting needs and aesthetic preferences. Here are some guidelines for positioning sconces effectively in a bedroom:


1. Bedside Sconces:

  • Flanking the Bed: One of the most common placements for sconces in a bedroom is on either side of the bed, near the headboard. These bedside sconces should be mounted at a height that allows for comfortable reading or ambient lighting while sitting or lying in bed.
  • Spacing: Position the sconces approximately 18 to 24 inches from the sides of the bed and around 60 inches above the floor, although the exact height can vary based on the bed's height and your personal preference.
  • Adjustability: Opt for sconces with adjustable arms or swivel heads to direct light where needed, such as for reading or creating a cozy ambiance.


2. Accent Sconces:

  • Highlighting Artwork or Features: Consider placing sconces on walls to accentuate artwork, architectural features, or focal points in the bedroom. Position the sconces to illuminate these elements effectively without creating glare or harsh shadows.
  • Ambient Lighting: Sconces can also contribute to overall ambient lighting in the bedroom, especially in areas where ceiling lights or lamps may not reach.


3. Closet or Dressing Area:

  • Near Closets or Vanities: If your bedroom includes a closet or dressing area, consider installing sconces near these spaces to provide task lighting for getting dressed or applying makeup.
  • Mirror Placement: If there is a mirror in the dressing area, position the sconces on either side of the mirror at eye level for even and flattering lighting.


4. Reading Nook or Sitting Area:

  • Adjacent to Reading Nooks: If your bedroom has a designated reading nook or sitting area, place sconces near these areas to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for reading or relaxation.
  • Height and Angle: Mount the sconces at a height and angle that allows for comfortable reading without causing glare or shadows on the reading material.


5. Ambient and Dimmable Lighting:

  • Dimmer Switches: Consider installing dimmer switches for bedroom sconces to adjust the light intensity according to different activities or moods, such as bright light for tasks and softer light for relaxation.


When positioning sconces in a bedroom, it's essential to consider the room layout, furniture placement, and the intended use of each area. Experimenting with different placements and consulting with a lighting designer or electrician can help achieve the desired lighting effects and ambiance in your bedroom.


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