In 1879 Thomas Edison's invention of the incandescent light bulb revolutionized the way light was produced.

As electric lighting became more prevalent, there was a growing demand for fixtures that could efficiently distribute light in industrial and commercial spaces.

This gave rise to the development of industrial-style lighting fixtures.

A Craftsman Lighting Store:

Step into a world of rustic industrial handcrafted fixtures where each light tells a story of craftsmanship and creativity

With a keen eye and a steady hand, I embark on crafting luminaires that exude robust aesthetics and adorned with patinas that evoke old-world charm.
Dive in, explore, and let your space come alive with MillerLights!

  • Steampunk Lamp Parts

    I have currently accrued a vast collection of rescued lighting bits. For fun, I'm crafting some truly unique gizmos, inventing one-of-a-kind gadgets tailored for the DIY pipe lamp enthusiast.

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  • 60 Watts- Clear Classic Vintage Light Bulbs ST64-120v

    Lighting Components

    A range of essential lighting components designed for seamless integration with my fixtures, providing reliable replacements when needed. From bulbs and electrical boxes to wall plates.

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  • Behind the scenes

    In my humble garage workshop, ideas come to life, imperfections find purpose, and refined creations make their way to my lighting store. (Coming Soon)

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