pipe lamp switch industrial
cast iron industrial light switches on wood table
Iron Pipe Lamp Switch
Iron Pipe Lamp Switch
cast iron with brass on black iron pipe fitting
Iron Pipe Lamp Switch


Iron Pipe Lamp Switch

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Industrial metal knob light switch for steampunk pipe lamps 

- Screws into plumbing or conduit pipe fittings with  1/2" or 3/4" threaded attachments 
- Clockwise turn with a click sound

• Custom engineered lamp parts
• UL approved single circuit, in-line
• 6" wire leads

• Clockwise clicking rotation
• Rated 6A-120V or 3A-240V

Use this switch on:
Industrial pipe lamps, wall sconce fixtures, steampunk switchplates 

* Easy instructions: either side to + of the plug and other side to + of the light socket  

The power switch is the one part everybody touches make it a cool one!