brass painted pipe lamp with knob switch
Brass Pipe Lamp Switch
surface mounted on electrical box
brass light switch turn knob
with 1/2" threaded pipe fitting
lot of lamp switches made with brass knobs
steampunk lamp parts


Brass Pipe Lamp Switch

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Steampunk Solid brass knob pipe lamp switch 

- Rotary On/Off Light Switch
- Continuous clockwise rotation with a satisfying click-click sound
- Screws into plumbing or conduit pipe fittings, select between a 1/8" - 1/2" - 3/4" threaded attachment 
- You can buff and polish the brass to your liking (I like to use #000 steel wool)
• Custom engineered lamp parts
• UL single circuit, in-line
 surface mount switch
• 2-Wire 6" leads

• Rated 6A-120V or 3A-240V

This is a light switch, I designed these for steampunk lamps but it could also be used as a power button for electrical projects  

* Easy instructions: either side to + of the plug, the other side to + of the light socket