Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light | Cage Wall Sconce
Overhanging two cage light fixture
distressed black pipe wall mounted
2 lite wall sconce with distressed cages
2 cage light fixture size measurements
side view pipe light white background
bathroom light fixture as seen in 2019 joker movie

This premium grade wall sconce was built sturdy, and tough to celebrate the reliability of industrial era production. 

The double aluminum cages add a nautical touch while exposing the warm glow of the filament bulbs.

Model: The 'Dark Knight'


2 Light Industrial Bathroom Vanity Wall Sconce

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  • Can these lights be used outdoors?

    I could make this fixture water tight to be for used outdoors if you like, Pls leave a note at checkout.

  • What is bulb wattage? And can I buy bulbs anywhere?

    We use and sell 40W tubular bulbs, but they can go up to 100W max.

    Yes, you can buy standard E26/27 bulbs anywhere that sells them.