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A "Trunk N Chest" - DIY wood storage chest

This entire project was completed using ALL recycled and re-purposed items and without spending a DIME! OK so I am a hoarder for cool nifty useful parts, so when my girlfriend wanted to get rid of this old cushioned trunk that we had just sitting around, I wasn't able to let it go that easy! It appeared to me, to have a great solid structure and some awesome heavy duty hinges.I made a deal with her that instead of getting rid of it I would turn it into something more useful, like an outdoor storage chest. A doubting look and sigh later, she agreed...and I began.. Step 1: The Decision This is what the old cushioned trunk looked like. It was still in...

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Timelapse clip of me building a USB touch lamp

I decided to try and make my first DIM (did it myself) Timelapse video clip. Used a IMac computer placed on the side of my work bench. Clicking the record button was the easy part, editing the raw video.. well that was a learning curve. I'll get better..or maybe i'll just stick to building industrial lamps :)  

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