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I grew up with a creative dad, so building things started as a kid. I have always been busy creating or inventing something new. While in search for something new, A friend opened up a hair salon and wanted to brighten up her place with some unique light fixtures. I decided to tackle the project myself and created the first MillerLights mason jar chandelier. Boy, that was fun! But even better, she loved it, and all her customers loved and raved about it. That's when I realized, this might just be that career in life that I had dreamt of. What a perfect platform to channel all my creative thinking into, and at the same time helping to bring warmth...

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MillerLights at RAW Orange County

I received a call from the producers of RAW and they asked me if I wanted to be a featured artist and exhibit my lights at their Orange County, CA show at the Yost Theater in Santa Ana...I had no idea what to do - I had never sold my lights anywhere other than online and I had zero inventory, but I took the plunge and said yes! Over the next 3 weeks, I worked with my girlfriend and my daughter in my garage from dawn till dusk creating at least one of each of my lights as well as a few "one-off's". I also had to conceptualize, build and wire my booth - it was CRAZY hard work, but the end...

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Awesome! Free advertising in the Orange County Register

We were featured in the Orange County Register - Holiday Guide 2016 And this is how it went..  You have a new message:Via: http://www.millerlights.com/ Message Details: Subject Orange County Register inquiry Message  I work at The Orange County Register. I am working on a couple pages for our annual Holiday Guide that focus on items handmade in OC. One page is jewelry, the other is home decor. I saw your work online and thought it might be a great addition to the guide. If you're interested, please contact me. I need to make sure you're located in Orange County, and get a couple hi-res photos and a bit of information about you and your work. This is an editorial section...

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