Rustic Entryway carriage light - Bronze Cage Wall Sconce
Rustic Entryway carriage light - Bronze Cage Wall Sconce
Rustic Entryway carriage light - Bronze Cage Wall Sconce
Rustic Entryway carriage light - Bronze Cage Wall Sconce

Design inspiration:
Rustic farmhouse bedside lanterns, lounge, or outdoor covered porch/gazebo

The "Stagecoach"

We gave this wall sconce sort of a vintage-esk look. The metal parts have a hand-stained patina* that highlights unique characteristics while adding depth and shades of color.  Appropriately named - "Egyptian Bronze" 

Each piece of metal has its own reflective quality that glows from within. A patina* becomes part of the metal itself. Because of this, the metal is allowed to shine through bouncing the light to reflect the colors differently as you move. 



  • Individually hand-crafted
  • Custom bronze patina* 
  • Can be mounted Upwards or Downwards
  • Suitable for covered outdoor use
  • Easy installation
  • Ships worldwide from our workshop in sunny California  

*Patina is a chemical process that happens naturally with metal when it is left to the elements. (much like an apple begins to turn brown after being cut) Colors will range in tone. It is not easy to control. 
Paint will never have the feel of a patina. That is because it sits on the surface and no matter how you look at it, it is always the same color. You cannot recreate the natural reflection of the base metal with paints.


  • Hard wired. Control of the unit is from your wall switch
  • Mounting hardware included
  • 110V - 250V


  • Finish: Egyptian Bronze
  • Heavy-duty Glass globe
  • E26-E27 Porcelain bulb holders and wiring are UL listed
  • Made suitable for incandescent, energy-efficient, and L.E.D. Light bulbs
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs


      • Height: 10½"  
      • Width: 4 ½" 
      • ½" from the wall to the outside front of the cage  
      • Wall mount 4 ¾" diameter, comes with a universal mounting plate.


      All my lights are designed by a creative selection of industrial parts and handcrafted in our MillerLights workshop. The end result is each piece being slightly unique and making it a one-of-a-kind MillerLights original.


      Happy Lighting!

       Proudly made in America. - by MillerLights 


      Entryway Carriage Light - The "Stagecoach"

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      Ask a Question
      • Can these lights be on a dimmer?

        Yes, this light fixture will work on a dimmer.  In fact, it's not the fixture but the bulb that needs to be compatible with a dimmer.