MIllerLights Mad-Lab Workshop

The Story

I grew up with a creative dad, so building things started as a kid. I have always been busy creating or inventing something new.

While in search for something new, A friend opened up a hair salon and wanted to brighten up her place with some unique light fixtures. I decided to tackle the project myself and created the first MillerLights mason jar chandelier. Boy, that was fun! But even better, she loved it, and all her customers loved and raved about it.

That's when I realized, this might just be that career in life that I had dreamt of. What a perfect platform to channel all my creative thinking into, and at the same time helping to bring warmth and light to homes around the globe.. -- I love It!  
I was taught to: "let your light so shine" and yes, now I am living by it.

I quit my day job and moved to sunny California, where I have the most beautiful supportive girlfriend <3, together we are learning, step by step, how to turn MillerLights into a full-time business.

We reinvest every penny we can back into the business, testing and designing new ideas while trying to keep up with all the orders pouring in. 

I want to thank the Etsy community for all their support and giving me the platform and opportunity to discover this new passion in life.

Stay tuned for new creations and designs from the MillerLights Mad-Lab workshop.

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”

― Mary Anne Radmacher

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